Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm officially 18! D:

Time is really flying.
I turned 18 already. zomg :'( 

Uni life is really uhm.. hectic? (in a good way though)
Keeping me busy all the time :D and I know, this blog is like so dead. I'm sorry for not keeping my promises all the time. 'cause I'm so bad at it :(

I need a break. I seriously do. It's like SPM year again :(
I'm struggling with my Algebra project D: 
Doing fine with my English project. charity rocks :)
Going to SPCA for my Moral project! woots. been wanting to go there since forever :)
Physics project is up next! woah. getting excited actually :D
Last but not least, TUTORIALS. loaded tutorials every single week. 
But guess what! Class Test 1 is oveeeeeeeeeeeeer! oh wait, Quiz 3 is next. Shoot.

Give me a break D: I don't want to nerd 24/7 weh.

And I'll probably be managing another blog, which belongs to AIESEC TU, TOMORROW's Project! I actually volunteered to manage it. I don't know why, but  hopefully I'll do a better job.

What happens to this blog then? hmm, I wonder too :(